Talk: Drag and Drop Code, Thunkable, and Democratizing Software

I gave a talk to Lat Twae Education, an organization in Myanmar dedicated to teaching kids computer science. They’re using my Thunkable book to teach app building.

Watch the talk on youtube

I demo the basics of app building with thunkable, including a translation app and an image recognition app, and I show how easy it is to “appify” a spreadsheet and do something with the data. For the talk, I built a raffle app: I let audience members add themselves to the public sheet, then I added code that chose one of the entries randomly to win a free book.

I also show another tool, Adalo, and talk about how it provides a dialog-based “nocode” method of specifying data filtering, and I give my take on how “NoCode” tools are democratizing software development. You can check out the talk here.

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