David Wolber is a leader in teaching beginners how to code. His focus is empowering artists, designers, kids, women, men, people of color, humanity majors, business students—makers of all types—to add coding to their creative arsenals. He was the lead author of the App Inventor book, along with App Inventor lead Hal Abelson and Google developers Ellen Spertus and Liz Looney. That book, and Dave’s video-based site appinventor.org, have introduced thousands of new app builders to the world of code.

Dave’s newest book is Drag and Drop Code: Create iPhone and Android Apps with Thunkable. Thunkable may be the most powerful tool ever made for allowing citizen developers to create apps. If you want to build apps but don’t know how to code, get this book!

David is a professor of computer science at the University of San Francisco. He taught one of the first App-Inventor-based courses in 2009 and has provided USF students from across the university with their first coding experience. His course-in-a-box teaching materials have served as a template for hundreds of courses at the K-12 and university levels, as well as for the Mobile Computer Science Principles (MobileCSP.org) Advanced Placement curriculum.

Rafiki Cai has vested over twenty-five years towards ensuring that emerging technology can be a tide to lift all boats. His work has taken him from a tech writer for national media outlets, to a trusted tech advisor on Capitol Hill, to a bridge builder in academia and Silicon Valley. Iconic, world-renowned figures have sought out and valued his strategic counsel on things digital and his passion for creatively executing the strategies he suggests. He has been a co-founder of a Washington, D.C. based digital divide non- profit, a tech educator at the University of San Francisco and, most recently, a co-author of bioinformatic research on Cancer Disparities Among African American Communities.

Before coming to technology, Cai served in the fields of ministry and social work; working in communities in Colorado and New Jersey. He brings to technology the same passion for making a difference in lives and showing persons the potential power that lies right within them. He currently serves as the chief technology officer (CTO) of Friends of The Congo, a non- governmental organization working to empower and uplift everyday people in the Democratic Republic of The Congo.