Talk: Drag and Drop Code, Thunkable, and Democratizing Software

I gave a talk to Lat Twae Education, an organization in Myanmar dedicated to teaching kids computer science. They’re using my Thunkable book to teach app building.

Watch the talk on youtube

I demo the basics of app building with thunkable, including a translation app and an image recognition app, and I show how easy it is to “appify” a spreadsheet and do something with the data. For the talk, I built a raffle app: I let audience members add themselves to the public sheet, then I added code that chose one of the entries randomly to win a free book.

I also show another tool, Adalo, and talk about how it provides a dialog-based “nocode” method of specifying data filtering, and I give my take on how “NoCode” tools are democratizing software development. You can check out the talk here.

Updated Login-Only App

I updated the LoginOnly Thunkable app which can be used as a template for any app you build that requires user login. Check out the updated tutorial which instructs you on how to use this template app to create your own apps.

The app uses Thunkable’s drag and drop interface, Firebase for login, and Cloudinary to store profile pics for users. You can create the app in about 30 minutes including setting up free accounts at Thunkable, Firebase, and Cloudinary.