Book Errata

Thank you for reading “Drag and Drop Code” by David Wolber and Rafiki Cai. We are pleased to receive comments on the book which can help us in the next editions.

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3 thoughts on “Book Errata

  1. I don’t know if this is important in programming or not, but in your grid on page 136, you have a block marked x5, y6. Technically, that is incorrect. It should be x5, -y6 based on the way the grid is laid out.


    1. Hi Jim and thanks very much for the note. I believe you are referring to the grid shown in Fig. 7.1. In Thunkable grids, y values get bigger as you go down, unlike mathematical grids. So I believe x=5,y=6 is correct, unless I’m missing something. Check out the 2nd paragraph below the image.

      Your note is helpful as I will try to make this concept clearer in the next version. I would love to hear any thoughts you have on that, or any other feedback you have on the book. Thanks!


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