Chapter 10: Maps and Location


The following is a PDF version of Chapter 10 from the book, Drag and Drop Code with Thunkable. Learn to build apps with Maps using Thunkable’s Maps component or the Google Maps API:


1. What does a “?” and a “&” denote within a URL?

2. How is a URL involving the Google Maps API like calling a function?


1. Modify the “MeetMyClassmates” app so that each person’s description also appears when touched on the map (currently the name appears). You’ll need to load the descriptions in from the spreadsheet.

2. Change the “Safe Places” app so that it shows walking directions instead of driving. You’ll need to add an additional parameter to the URLs. Check out the Google Maps API documentation:


1. Create an “Where’s My Car?” app that lets the user record a location and then later shows a map from the user’s current location to the saved location.

2. Consider your own life and design and build an app with a map and/or LocationSensor that helps you and/or the world in some way.

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