Chapter 11: Build a Photo-Sharing app


This page provides supporting material for Chapter 11 of Drag and Drop Code with Thunkable.

In the chapter’s tutorial, you’ll start with this template app

You can use this video tutorial to setup your “login-only” app


1. For the PhotoSharing app, why is it important to store the file of the photo taken at cloudinary?

2. What block is used to add new data into a spreadsheet?

3. Explain why the additional spreadsheet “RecentPostsFirst” is needed in the Photo Sharing App.

4. Describe the purpose of the list of values in block used in the code of Figure 11.21. What does it return?


1. Modify the timestamp attached to each post so that the hour and minute are included, e.g., “5/11/22 at 3:27 pm”. You’ll need to modify the “getTimeStamp” function shown in Figure 11.16.

2. Allow the user to take the picture to be posted, as an alternative to choosing from Photos. Use the photo from camera block in the “Camera” folder, and right-click to use the “Advanced Version”. You should still place the picture in the cloud, just as you do when its chosen instead of taken.


1. You can now create posting apps with data and input forms. Think of a way to make use of this power in your life by building an app for your class, sports team, or friend group.

2. Add users and a high score list to one of the game apps you built in Chapter 8. You’ll need to re-build the app starting with the “Login and Profile” template, and you’ll need a spreadsheet to store user’s scores.

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