Chapter 12: Stored and Cloud Variables


This page provides supporting material for Chapter 12 in Drag and Drop Code with Thunkable. In that chapter, you build a multi-user guessing game using Thunkable’s cloud variables.

Check out this tweet for a quick video explanation of cloud variables.


1. Define the term “persistent data”. Is all persistent data cloud data? Is all dynamic data persistent data?

2. Describe the difference between “app”, “stored” and “cloud” variables. For which types of apps should each be used?

3. Explain the purpose of the when variable changes or initializes event handler. When is it triggered? Be sure and use the term “app instance” in your answer.


1. In either the private or cloud version of the “Guessing Game” app, timestamp the guesses so that they include date and time information. Check out the Device folder for the blocks you’ll need.

2. Modify the “Slideshow” app of Chapter 4 to allow the user to take additional pictures to be included in the Slideshow, and store them persistently. You may initialize the picture list with some existing pictures, or have it start as an empty list.

3. In the “Asteroids” app of Chapter 8, keep score in some manner, and define a persist variable to keep track of the scores of all previously played games (i.e., a high score list).


1.Build an app of your own design which allows the user to store data persistently in a private or cloud database (stored variable).

2. Build a chat app.

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