Chapter 13: Functions


Read chapter 13 in Drag and Drop Code with Thunkable and code the apps within the chapter.


  1. How is a function similar to an event handler? How is a function different than an event handler? How is each invoked?
  2. What is an abstraction and how are abstractions important to the software development process?
  3. When you define an input parameter for a function, it makes the function more general- purpose. Explain.
  4. What does it mean to “refactor” code in order to eliminate redundancy?


Go over the apps you’ve built and identify functions that would be appropriate, then refactor the code by defining the functions and calling them.


It is now time to build that app you’ve been wanting to build! Choose such an app, but before coding determine abstractions (functions) that can be used as building blocks for the app, and design a structure-chart blue-print specifying the calls between event handlers and functions.

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