Chapter 14:Objects


Read Chapter 14 of Drag and Drop Code with Thunkable and code the apps within it. You can use the following images and database files:

The Airtable database for the “Black-Owned Businesses” app is here— you can use it for building your app. The data came originally from this site, and specifically this spreadsheet.


  1. How is an object similar to a list? How is an object different than a list?
  2. If you couldn’t use objects in the “Workout” app, what kind of data structure would you use instead? Describe how your app would be different.


1. Make a copy of the “Workout” app and modify the code so that it records the exercises you perform in your personal workouts, e.g., bench press, burpees, jumping jacks, etc.

2. Modify the “Workout” app so that it records the hour and minute as part of the date, e.g., “6/29/20 11:43am”


  1. Create a “CloudWorkout” app, using cloud variables or Airtable, which you and your friends can use to share your progress and compete.
  2. Add a high score facility to the Asteroids game or another game you’ve built. Use a cloud variable for the scores list, and code it so each score in the list is an object with properties for user account, score, and date/time.
  3. Extend the “Black-Owned Businesses” app: display more information, incorporate a map or website in app, or create one for a different city/area; Contact some businesses and incorporate coupons or discounts into the app; add a feature whereby users can post notes about a business, or record their support with a photo of a receipt or picture at the establishment.
  4. Build your own app that incorporates data from a spreadsheet. Build a“Latin-X-Owned Businesses” or “Female-Owned Businesses” app, an app that displays and analyzes COVID- 19 data. Wherever your interest lies, do some research and build an app that adds value to data.

Share your creative apps with your authors and other Drag and Drop coders:

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