Chapter 2: I Have a Dream

The following images and sound files are for use in the chapter 2 tutorials of Drag and Drop Code with Thunkable. See also the video tutorial for the chapter.



Shirley Chisholm
Kamala Harris

Ketanji Brown Jackson

MLK “I Have a Dream” Clip

Kamala Harris after being named Biden’s running mate in 2020 election

Shirley Chisholm Speech URL:

the clip is found at:

Ketanji Brown Jackson Speech

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial accompanies Chapter 2 from Drag and Drop Code with Thunkable. It steps you though the creation of the soundboard app, “I Have a Dream 2022”.


  1. The green, blue, red, and yellow outline parts of the code. Coding has a grammar, just like natural language. Name the part of code within each color.
  1. How many event handlers are defined in the “IHaveaADream2022” app?


  1. Add a StopAllButton which stops all the sound clips.
  2. Besides play and stop, there are also functions for resume and pause, and a block to check if a clip is paused. Add Buttons which allow the user to start from the beginning, pause, stop, and resume each clip. For some functionality, you’ll need an if-block, which is in the Control folder (and which you’ll learn about in Chapter 3).


Create your own soundboard app with your own media. Here are some ideas:

  • An app with four or five historical figures in which clicking each picture plays a speech or discussion of their accomplishments.
  • An app that lets you click on pictures of your classmates or work colleagues to see their names and hear them say something goofy.
  • A soundboard playing notes from your favorite musicians.
  • Educational software for kids, e.g., a farm animal app
  • A “Name that Tune” game that plays song notes and displays the song name (answer) after the user clicks a button.
  • An app about your school/organization providing info about different places on campus.