Chapter 6: Calling Functions


The following images are for use in the chapter 6 tutorial of Drag and Drop Code with Thunkable


1. timed recording records an audio file of the user speaking. Name the input parameter(s) and the output parameter(s) for the function call:

2. What is the purpose of an input parameter?

3. What is the purpose of an output parameter?

4. The following blocks are supposed to place the translated text into SpanishLabel, but there is an issue. Explain why the code doesn’t work.


1. Modify the “TranslateCatDog” app by letting the user choose the language that the user speaks along with the language to which it is translated. Add an options screen with two ListViewer components.

2. Make a copy of the “TranslateCatDog” app, name it “TranslateAnimal” and turn it into a fun game for kids. In the new version, include several animal pictures and show a picture of whichever animal the user speaks. Code it so the animal appears if the user says the name of the animal or makes the animal’s sound (e.g., “meow”).


1. Create a Scavenger Hunt game in which the player must take pictures of a given set of things in order to win. You’ll need image recognition and you’ll need to check if the text recognized contains a word of one of the things being searched for. The Text folder contains helpful blocks, including a find block.

2. Create a trivia game in which the user answers verbally.
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