Thunkable Login-Only Template

The LoginOnly app is a “customizable app” built with the Thunkable visual development tool. It is the ultimate building-block for creating any app that requires user registration, login and profiles. Follow this tutorial to create your own app based on the template.

The template app has been published to the app store — search for “Thunkable” to try it out. The app has the basic capabilities found in apps that require login. The source code is available at Thunkable. You’ll need to sign up for a free account, then you can remix the app and change its branding, visual look, and behavior, and add any screens you’d like. You might create a game, a quiz, a video posting app, maybe the next Instagram!


The app is simple. You can sign up with any valid email. You’ll need to open an email and verify it before logging in. After you login, you can change the description and profile image. You can also view all registered users.

The app is a template and any data you add (profile description, picture, even your user name) may be eliminated at any time.

If you have any issues with or questions about the app, please email