Teaching with Thunkable

Thunkable is a great tool for introducing students to the app building process. Students can begin building fun and useful apps the first ten minutes of class– even before you introduce the syllabus!

The resources on this page work for introductory computer science courses for ages 8-, for business and information systems courses teaching prototyping and entrepreneurship, and for after school programs.


Drag and Drop Code: Create iPhone and Android Apps with Thunkable provides a great introduction to app building with Thunkable. Professor Wolber uses this book in his app building course for beginners at USF. Absolutely no coding experience is required and the book is available for $9.99. The book uses Thunkable’s classic interface (drag and drop version is coming)

DragAndDropCode.com (this site)

This site provides tutorials and video lessons for building apps with Thunkable. There are lessons mapping to book chapters and more advanced lessons on the newest Thunkable features.

University of San Francisco Class

Computing, Mobile Apps, and the Web at USF is one of the first university courses using Thunkable. Students fulfill their Math requirement by learning to build apps. Check out the syllabus, schedule, and projects for the course– you are welcome to use any of the materials.