Thunkable is a drag and drop coding tool for creating apps. No coding experience is required. You can create your first app within minutes and begin building more complex apps from there. With Thunkable, coding is like plugging puzzle pieces together!

Thunkable blocks for adding a point when a dog sprite collides with a basket sprite.

Thunkable was inspired by MIT App Inventor, which revolutionized drag and drop coding. It was founded by two former MIT students who helped build App Inventor and had a vision for a cross-platform tool with a beautiful, easy-to-use interface for coding. You can build beautiful, powerful apps and install them on your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

Professor Wolber taught the world’s first App Inventor course and wrote many of the first tutorials on Google’s and then MIT’s sites. Along with USF students he developed, a video-based education site used by self-directed learners from all over the world, with a “course-in-a-box” that thousands of teachers have used to launch courses. Now he has turned his attention to Thunkable and, along with Rafiki Cai, written perhaps the most accessible introduction to coding ever–Drag and Drop Code with Thunkable!

To get an idea how Thunkable works, try the startup tutorials— you’ll build an app for translating key terms as you travel!

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