Travel App

Build an app to help you converse while traveling in a foreign country. Each button will contain a phrase in English. When you click, it will speak the phrase in the other language.

Note: this is a minimal tutorial to get started with Thunkable. For a more detailed version of this tutorial, get the book and start with Chapter 1, or check out this video series.

1. Register/Login– get a free Thunkable account

In Designer:

2. Create a new project named “Paris Travel App”

use the new “drag and drop interface”. Check the box on the new project dialog

3. Drag in a Button, set its text to “Hello”.

In Blocks Editor:

4. Drag in a “When Button1.Click” from the “Button1” folder.

5. Drag in a “Say” block from the “Speech” folder

6. Test in preview

7. Say in French instead (hint: you need a “translate” block)

8. Test in preview

9. Later: Add new buttons for important phrases, e.g., ”Donde esta el bano?”

10. Download/open “Thunkable Live” app on your phone/tablet

11. Test on Device

12. Download as iPhone/Android/Web app