Thunkable Tutorials

Drag and Drop interface

Thunkable Ch. 1. Build your first app in minutes, a travel app that translates common terms. Learn the basics of coding with Thunkable and general coding concepts like “event-handlers”. Five video playlist!

Thunkable Ch. 2. Build a soundboard app that plays speeches by MLK, Shirley Chisholm, and Kamala Harris. Learn how to work with media– images and sound clips, and use what you build as a template for any soundboard you can think of!

Thunkable Ch 3. Learn basic fundamental coding concepts: how an app’s memory works, how an app makes decisions with “if” and “if-else” conditionals, and how a value gets incremented. Build a Timer app and learn coding fundamentals!

Thunkable Ch. 4. Build a trivia app. Learn how to work with list data and index variables, and build a triva app of women leaders which you can use as a template for any quiz or study guide app.

Build an app from a spreadsheet. Take any spreadsheet and make an app out of it. The tutorial displays women tech superstars but you can use it as a template for “appifying” any spreadsheet you have.

Total the numbers in a spreadsheet. We learn arithmetic in elementary school but telling your app to do it is another ball game. This tutorial is about musicians and averaging user ratings. Use it to learn how to add up any numbers in a spreadsheet.

Show filtered data from a spreadsheet. This tutorial is about Oscar winners, use it learn how to show only selected rows of a sheet (e.g., only films from Spain)

Video Posting app. Build an app that lets users post videos!

Login app with user profiles. Does your app need user login? This tutorial gives you a quick start.

Make a photo sharing app. NEW! Create an Instagram-like photo-sharing app with user login using this sneak-peak chapter from an upcoming book on Thunkable.

Classic Interface

Get Started with an app that talks (ch1)

I Have a Dream Soundboard app (ch 2)

Learn about properties and If blocks (ch 3)

Build a Quiz app and learn about lists and iteration (ch 4)

Create a whack-a-mole and save the fish game (ch 7)

Code a “Meet My Classmates” Spreadsheet App

Social Posting App with Login — uses cloud variables