Who uses Thunkable?

Thunkable has two fundamental purposes: it is a great way for beginners to learn the fundamentals of coding, and it is a great tool for prototyping and building low-code complete apps.

Beginning Coders

Thunkable is the funnest, easiest way to learn the fundamentals of coding. It’s fun because you get to build apps with user interfaces, databases, sensors and more, which is not the common plight of the beginning coder. It’s easy because the tool was designed specifically for beginners: you don’t have to remember and type code, but can instead choose from a set of code blocks and plug them together like you’re solving a puzzle!


Whether you work for an established company or a startup, or just have a great idea, Thunkable is terrific for prototyping and creating low-code (do-it-yourself) app solutions.

Prototyping means to create an incomplete, rough-draft of an app. It is great for taking those great app ideas you have and creating something tangible which you can use to refine, explain, and promote your idea. Powerpoint slides are nice, but with Thunkable you can show your audience a working prototype and even allow them to install it and play with it!

DIY App Builders

Not all apps are for the masses. You can use Thunkable to build an app for your work, your family, an organization you belong to, a group of friends, or even a personal one just for you. Somebody even used drag-and-drop coding to build an app that proposed marriage to their fiancee!


If you are a designer and want to expand your arsenal to include coding, Thunkable is the perfect tool. You can use your design skills to build a front-end, then learn to code back-end interactive code using Thunkable’s drag-and-drop process.


Thunkable is now cross-platform, meaning your students can code apps for their own phone or tablet, whether they have an iPhone or Android. This is a game changer for education– the dream of students learning to code by programming their own phone is here! On the first day of class, you can ask your students to pull out their phones and build an app they can show their family and friends that night!